buyers beware fake feedback and cheap goods

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Dont know if you've noticed that there is lots of overseas sellers on here now all with dodgy and not normal names, theres a reason for that as there out to scam you and take your cash. Very easy to spot they usualy have very exspensive items for sale ie: at moment ive being looking at pionner avic satnav units for cars normally cost anywhere from £800 upwards but theese sellers only want £150 or thereabouts so its a scam instantly just have a look at the feedback of a lot of them, notice something about them. yes you've spotted it all from sellers or buyers whove sold bought e-books and thats how they boost the feedback up. Have a close look at how they want paying no paypal then no good as its bank transfer or western union. Now can you see it all unfolding if its too good to be true well %99 of the time its not and another scammer gets your cash. always think first and try not to be egged on as we've all heard of the auctions held round the country usually in hotels etc and big adverts in papers like laptops from £50 more like a empty box with a brick in for £50 or who'll give me £600 for this 42"plasma tv. you get it home after waiting till the very end of auction and look in box, now guess what youve bought more bricks/sand etc. well if you want to buy bricks go to b&q or give me your cash please. see the connection now its all a big scam. please think before you bid/send money and read those feedbacks and check what the feedback is for. laurie
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