buyers - don't be scared to leave a NEG feedback.

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I've come to the conclusion thast there must be a lot of buyers out there who leave positive feedback even when the comment is negative because they are worried about recieving a negative in response. Well I say think again. The only people who really need to worry about their feedback rating are sellers. Lets face it you don't care who you sell to because money is money and if a buyer falls through the worst that happens is you relist for free. Buyers take all the risks on here, paying for things up front and unseen and having to trust potentially unscrupulous sellers. Case in point. I was going to bid on this printer but first I though lets check the sellers feedback. Only one neg comment. but then I read all his positive comments and so many of them said 'thanks but item did not work on my phone' or something similar. So why not leave a neg? Here was a dodgy seller with a feedback rating that looked fine. One buyer had left a neutral instead of negative and had followed up by saying he had received a negative back. I've had the same happen to me. All 3 of my negs have come from shit bag sellers retaliating to justified complaints from me. I always pay and I always pay on time. Key thing is that I've never had a buyer refuse to sell to me because of my negatives. but BUYERS BEWARE as ebya oftne tell us. Lets stop being scared of getting negs ourselves and hit these sellers where it hurts - in their feedback ratings. If we can't be honest to protect other buyers then ebay will slowly sink under the waves of dodgy dealers who no-one bothers to shop. For the feedback example I mentioned check out great_trade2 and his feedbacks where the same sold item seems to not work for any of his customers yet they are all happy to give him a positive comment
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