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Hello fellow ebay buyers,this is just a quick guide to purchasing and bidding on ebay.
I’m a seller and a buyer and I honestly do love a good bargain,dont we all.

Firstly make sure that this is the item for you,have a good look at any photos that the seller puts in the listing and also dont be afraid to ask for any more photos if need be before you bid on an item.
It’s a must to read the whole of the ebay listing fully before you buy it now or bid,some sellers don’t type a lot but some sellers will have a whole long page of small print to read,please please read the small print too as you don’t want to purchase something and then find out that it isnt right for you or it was the wrong size or colour etc.

At the top right hand side of any ebay listing it will have email the seller or ask a question,this is there for a reason so please don’t be afraid to use it,I will use this all the time if I need more info on an item as you may need to know the measurements or what the item is made from or how big,small it is or what condition it is in etc,It is best to ask all questions before you bid as if you win the item and then are not happy that it was too long,small,scratched etc then it will be too late as you have won it by then so please ask anything you need to know even about postage etc.

We all know paypal is a safer way to pay over the internet this is why ebay are fading out postal orders or cheques,so set up a paypal account,its free and so easy to set up and then you can purchase anything that takes your fancy.

ALWAYS READ A SELLERS FEEDBACK this is one of the most important things to remember,see how many bad or neutral feedback the seller has had over a month,but make sure you also read the comments too as some bad feedbacks may have been left by mistake or just by people that have not got a clue how ebay works,as a seller I know all too well how that feels so give a seller a chance,obviously if they have had lots and lots then stay away and look somewhere else but if they have only had the odd one of two then make sure you see how many good ones they have also had.

Buy it now or auction listings? Which do you prefer?
I myself like both really,if I want something in a hurry then I will look at buy it nows but if I want to catch a cheap bargain then I will search for auction style listings,because you never know what you might pick up and for such an amazing deal.
It may even be a good idea to search during off peak hours like in the day when everybody is in work or at night when everybody is asleep,anything is worth a try.

Have you ever tried local pick up items?These items are well worth looking at as its mostly for bulkier heavier items that sellers would rather not post but for somebody to pick them up direct from their house or work place,I always search local pick up items,on the main search page of ebay you will see location down the left hand side,you can put your postcode in and search for item just in your local area,great if you need a new or used television,table,sofa,wardrobe,bed,stereo,fridge,freezer,computer,or desk,etc the list is endless,you will be surprised at the bargains you can get just from down the road from you,my sister even sold all her garden furniture and childs garden toys as local pick up.

Ebay is such a fun place to shop,I was shoked at all the designer items you could get on ebay for a snip of the price BUT PLEASE DO WATCH OUT FOR FAKES as yes this still sadly does go on,if the price is too good to be true then you have to ask yourself why? Check the sellers feedback and also check how many of this one item are they selling?have people been happy with them?
For example if a lacoste polo shirt costs you about £55.00 from a high street shop then why would a seller be selling them on ebay for £14.99 or lower mmmm I smell a rat,ask questions,ask for more photos,I’m not saying this is always the case as it may just be a heck of a bargain but look closely and see if the croc has ears and a moustache ha ha,you can usually spot a fake a mile off,so just be carfull and not just with lacoste but all brands and not just with clothing either but many items.

Just go shopping and enjoy searching ebay,you will become addicted like me!!
Thanks for reading my guide for buyers and I hope it has helped some new ebay members a little
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