buyers guide to seller protection / beware of scammers

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welcome to my seller protection guide.

a recent bad experience prompted me to write this quick guide.

a small number of fraudulant traders on ebay are running a number of accounts buying off the honest general public and selling for profit.

i have no problem with this, but i do have a problem when they are attempting to defraud to make money.

i recently listed part of my kids lego collection on a buy it now, recieved a reasonable offer from a buyer who paid for it that evening via paypal after asking to collect it in person.

to which i asked the buyer to bring cash and i refunded the paypal payment.

no problem at all i thought as this method protected us both.

but the buyer protested and became abusive via email, i explained my problem .

if the buyer collects the lego and pays via paypal i have no proof he ever collected it, so leaving me in a position where my children can be defrauded out of their lego and money.

considering i dont know the buyer i wasnt willing to risk it, especially not for £100.

the buyer then told me he would arrange courier to collect, i already listed parceforce 48 hour service at £16 which is at cost and is insured and trackable, the buyer said my postage was over the top and too expensive trying topush me to send it by his method, i asked if it was trackable and recorded, the answer was no, the person would sign a scrap of paper, to this i refused as everyone knows this will not stand with ebay as proof.

i barred the scammer from auctions and was contacted from another seller who also had dealings from this buyer but was unlucky to have already been scammed from this low life.

the crook left me my only negative feedback rating, not before i reported the individual to ebay for investigation, and outside agencies.

the trouble with people like this is, you never know who you are dealing with and what they do for a living.

all i can say is the buyer should get used to porridge and a room with bars as they be spending time in one shortly.

be careful sellers.

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