buyers rights and a guide to refunds

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This is a summary of buyers rites under the "sales of goods act 1979"

If an item is found to be faulty or not as described then by law,whether the seller is private or a trader,the buyer is entitled to a full refund,including postage and any extra costs.

I am writing this guide as there is nothing on Ebay about what as a buyer are you entitled too when there's a problem with the item.I phoned trading standards and was told that by sending the item back to the seller,the seller has to pay the costs.On a number of occasions i have had sellers trying to give some of the refund,not all.They cannot take off any expenses they have ebay expenses or shipping expenses they have too pay out.

You as the buyer are entitled to a full refund including expenses that you've paid out for shipping.So if a seller states in the refund that you wont receive the shipping fees then avoid at all costs.They are breaking the law in the UK.If you don't believe me then just type in trading standards on the internet,see for yourself.

A lot of shops,auctions etc don't tell you this information.i wonder y???

I wrote this article a while ago and now i am a seller nothing much has changed. It seems as long as Ebay cover their own backside,sellers can do what they like.I make mistakes like everyone,but for sellers to continue on Ebay then Ebay need to do something about the few bad sellers.
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