buying a book on a budget

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after years of selling on ebay i have switched to just selling second hand books i thought i would do this to help people who want a book but also want a bargain

if the seller has to sit and do very long winded descriptions on each and every book they are going to need to charge more as there is a limit to how many they can list

if your buying a book look for a seller who is selling large numbers so you can find something of interest to you and there is a good chance there selling cheeper


why buy a new book thats a few more trees cut down also a load more old books going in to land fill sites so buying a second hand book you are doing your bit for the environment both in that less trees cut and less rubbish even less ink and plastics being used

save your self money look for listings with little or know description but a good photo then put a search in online for the book doing your own research can save you money look and see if they take offers if they do dont get silly and offer half what they want as it will get turned down in most cases then you cant do another offer i have found most people with offers on items will take 20 to 25% off for an offer


if you find a book listed as an auction look at the sellers other items if they have a shop look in there oftern due to listing fees being lower in a shop a seller passes that saving on to the list price

if you want more than one book then email the seller ask if you buy more could they combine or discount post costs try and tell them the items you mean not just a general number as they will want to look at the size and weight as the new postal rules effect that

if they have the option to have say second class post rather than first take that its only going to take a day or two more to get to you but will keep costs down

with books most sellers may not be to keen on collection as they have to remain in for you so if you want to save money this way make it worth the sellers while ask if you can collect if say buying a few items as that might then make it worth the seller agreeing


i am not to good with this kind of thing but hope what i have said is of help to people please comment on this if you have found it helpful

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