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We have all been in the position where we need a new car but we don't have a massive budget for one so we turn to the Internet in hope of finding a decent one for said budget! On that note we have also all been conned in one way or another, whether it was when we were buying a new car or another item, those con artists are out there! 

look for the better car makes and models and be realistic with the year car for your budget!

I see so many people look at cars outside their budget and then wonder why they have a rubbish car that needs lots of work done to it. You need to be realistic in what you want to buy. For example if you have a budget of £1000, it's 2014 so you should be looking at a 2002-2004 model car for your budget. 

read all info first

Make sure you read all the information before you bid on a car. You want to make.sure you are bidding on something you really want rather than what looks nice!

try and go local

If you look for cars locally to you, you can go and view the car in person and make sure it's what has been shown in the picture! It's best to ask to see the log book before you make any offer too just to make sure it's never been written off or stolen! 

last of careful!

Contact the seller and ask all the questions by you would normally ask a dealer in a car garage!! 
Milage, year, owners, etc 

Hope you have found my eBay guide useful. I was aked to write an eBay guide for bzz agent, I recommend you pop across and take a look as there's lots of opportunities for awesome new freebies :-) enjoy!
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