buying a cheap bike

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first of all , I have to say that anyone buying a cheap field bike on here , sight unseen , deserves pretty well anything they get ! I've bought several vehicles on ebay , three cars and three bikes so far and I've always been to look first except once . I've had a couple of good bargains , a couple so-so but did the job without costing too much , and one which wasn't so great but that's the luck of the draw with that kind of gear and I didn't pay too much for it and got most of it back the same way . The last one was a real shed and convinced me not to buy 'sight unseen' in future . anybody selling cheap doesn't reckon it is worth a lot and like any auction , there is a lot of rubbish being sold here because it doesn't bear serious examination , or even a first look in some cases . like the small ads and autojumbles , there are quite a few 'back-yard dealers' trading in stuff no reputable dealer or genuine private seller would touch . beware of people who meet you in service stations ! Actually I don't like people to know where I live , there are plenty of sharks looking for addresses of good stuff to pay you the sort of visit you'd rather not have , but you know what I mean . don't buy anything you can't see running , unless you know that's what you're buying . Don't buy anything that 'used to run when my mate's son had it' , or if you do , pay scrap prices . speak to the seller on the phone if you can't get there , you can learn a lot that way . if you get there and the item isn't what you expect , keep your money in your pocket and walk away . Don't pay in advance for this sort of item . I won a speedway bike a couple of years ago described as 'very good condition' and when it got there , it was a heap of junk . It was a near-scrap item built up from assorted mis-matched parts , didn't run and clearly hadn't run in that shape , and would cost more than the selling price to put right . I just walked away , the seller didnt like it but tough , I hadn't bid on a pile of crap like that . I bought another one which proved to have a frame so rotten it was useless ; but it was a good engine , I used some odd parts on other bikes and I didn't pay a lot for it because the description had mentioned this , so fair enough . I bought a Daihatsu jeep which proved to have terminal rust in several places , but again it was so described and I had some fun with it off-road before selling it on to someone who wanted to do a serious restoration so again , fair enough . remember that most bikes and vehicles will photograph better than they look in the real world . remember as well , that there are plenty of idiots bidding here . Apart from the 'send a cheque' scammers ( I can't believe anyone would do that !! ) and 'rampers' who build up the price then withdraw at the last moment , so it scares off serious bidders then drops back to a cheap price bid by their mate , there are plenty of people who either don't know enough to be bidding for that sort of thing in the first place or are unrealistic , or have just got back from the pub . If you think an item is bidding far beyond what it is worth , well it might well be . Ignore it and wait for it to come back as a relisting when the winning bidder doesn't complete .
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