buying a electric cigarette and e-liquid

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If your in the market for buying an electric cigarette make sure its what you really want and buy the right one, I have been selling these products for approx. 12 months now and I have seen and heard of some horror stories (house fires and people being burnt) these have all been because people just want to pay the cheapest price and often end up buying some cheap e-cig that's been mass produced, extremely poor quality and never been tested these are the risks you take when buying the cheapest product you can find.

Also when buying the liquid for your e-cig do you really want to buy the cheapest imported liquid you can find after all your inhaling this liquid into your body,  The people selling these cheap liquids are only after making a profit from you they do not care what happens to you SO YOU NEED TO!! 

Me and the team at BULLDOG-VAPOURS may not sell the cheapest products but what we do sell is quality products and lab tested and certified liquids, that's because we use our stock ourselves and sell to friends and family.

Remember the saying you pay for what you get, and I hope you all find the right product for you :-)

peace out 


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