buying a florida home

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please be aware if thinking about buying a manufactured home in florida that there is a british couple selling these kind of homes at double there true value do not be taken in by theire greed with extra inclusions added to make it look a bargain, such as solicitors fee and free ground rent for a period of time, the price of a second hand fully furnished home range from around 35k-50k DOLLARS ,please get an independant local florida based company to value before you buy as several british people have fallen for this and have lost large amounts of money on the resale of the property, this is why they only sell via the british ebay site if you look on the USA ebay site to compare prices then you can see the greedy profit thay make.


These people have now moved there operation to Jasper north Carolina and are selling so called antiques for there home. There operation in Florida was closed down by the authorities and their co-hort has had her licence with drawn. They however still have property for sale in various location around central florida so be very aware and do not deal with them.








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