buying a great mobile phone.

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hi, i just felt i had to write this guide. these days there are so many mobile phones out there it is almost impossible to choose. like many of you guys i have lost a few and even had one nicked!!. i was ina position to buy a new one and was amazed at the amount of them.

I started with nokia, and it didnt take long to find out about a niche model they made called the N93i. The earlier model is the N93. The i is much better looking and slimmer. The functions of this phone are astounding..The video camera has near dvd quality playback and is so comfy to hold!! I soon learned that they are hard to find and expensive, but all top phones are!. I bought mine here and im so so happy with it. to me it beats all the new models and other makes and i would say if you can find a nice one then get it. Make sure the mirror screen is clean, and make sure it has the lens cap!. hope this helps. Giles...

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