buying a kart

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Go karting is a variant of open seater motor sport with simple, small four-wheeled vehicles called karts, go-karts, or gearbox/shifter karts depending on the design. By definition a kart must have no suspension and no differential  they are usually raced on smaller tracks, and are sometimes driven as entertainment or as a hobby by non-professionals karting is commonly perceived as the stepping stone to formular 1 and other motor sports

Karts were first made in the U.S.A  .  Art Ingles  was  the creator of karting. He built the first kart in 1956. and it soon became world wide with people from all over the world partaking in the sport

Before you buy a kart first think of what you want it for if you are going to race it you should look at a modern kart like a tkm or a rotax or if its for fun something easy to work on and reletively unxpensive finding a good place to drive it is important alot of people buy karts then find they have nowhere to drive it there are many tracks about usually one within an hours drive of you find one that does owner driver and your laughing rates are usually around £40 for the day track hire

when you get the kart ask the seller how to mix the fuel and what type of oil to use alot of the older karts are designed to use castor oil only where most of the new ones use fully synthetic oil before you drive the kart check the brakes and throttle move and work freely then check the tyre preasures about 12 psi is good alround preassure then fuel her up and have fun thanks for reading karl harrison.

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