buying a motorcycle exhaust

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When buying an exhaust doyou really want straight through?!! Jardine for instance have baffles (which can be removed!) but this then means rejetting carburettors or buying a power commander on fuel injected bikes- at almost £345 not a cheap option so a more sensible exhaust with a great deep note but blowing your- OR PILLION ! eardrums out! we even offer the latest PEACEMAKERS exhausts which have an electric actuator wich opens built in diverte valves in the exhausts to allow more or less noise and exhaust gas to bypass the baffling! ie 84 decibels up all remotely adjustable with a small swicth on the bars - vary the volume as you drive- no problems for MOT's or great fun -impress yer mates at rallies etc-great fr overtaking to wake up the snoozing car drivers or passing through lines of stationary traffic when you need to be heard ! any poblems see where you can see a demo of the peacemakers exhaust - THE WAY TO GO!! as they say in the US- r call us 01773835666 for an honest opinion - your choice though-Mike
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