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Hello.   This is a few words of caution for anyone intending to purchase a used motorhome from ebay

Firstly,  if it looks TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE  then THATS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS.  there are and continue to be fraudulent listings, things to watch for are very important, here are some typical clues. seller; no history or feedback, it could well be a new seller to ebay but more often is not, they will be a general vagueness nothing regarding location of the seller or "my world",   second common trick is only respond to my email and not through ebay, a popular con don't fall for it ebay messaging is foolproof.         There will be little info on the listing, it will not be possible to obtain a vehicle report and the listing info will look like it was a cut and paste job,  remember these fraudsters are clever people, also there will rarely be any info regarding collection of the vehicle it will be vague and obviously dodgy.  final thing to remember there is no ebay protection on used vehicles inc motorhomes and caravans, its dead easy to photograph a motorhome which is parked somewhere and claim it your for sale!!!! AFOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE EASILY PARTED  don't end up being robbed by a conman, buy from a dealer or seller with some history, feedback and a few monthe ebay membership rather than a flybynight

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