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I have found that the best way to maximise your returns from buying and selling on ebay is to find out how much something is selling for in an auction and then compare it to the buy it now price, some items are better than others, OK so let's say you find out that if you can get (The legend of zelda a link to the past) for snes, at 5 pounds on an auction, but at a buy it now price it goes for 10 pounds, so then you know that when ever you win Zelda for 5 pounds you can sell it for ten in a buy it now price, this is just one exampe, I have just done a couple of these deals my self, the best way to do it is make a maximum bid of 5 pounds on all the ones that are selling and then just sit back and wait then at the end of it you will probably have won about 4 out of every ten that you bid on, then it's just a mater of selling those three for 10 or more pounds and if you pick your item right and make a good add you should sell them with in a couple of days. So from that 20 pound investment you got 40 pounds back, that's 100% return which is great. Now hear comes the good part, once you've found the item that you think is the one, you only have to make one add for it so you can spend as much time as you want making the add great because once it's done you can use the same add over and over again because you are selling the same item over and over again for great gains. This is just one idea that I've been working with and found that once you find that great item it really does work and if after a few months the item isn't that great anymore you can just move onto another atem that you find. OK then that's me signing off, this is the first time I've written a guide so thank you for reading and I hope this had some useful into for you.

Please note that if you find that you are doing a lot of deals, buying and then selling the same thing on ebay you will have to get a business account as it's much better for you and for ebay.

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