buying authentic designer items!

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I thought this would be useful for all those hung up on designers.


I was browsing the American Ebay, and came across some really interesting guides on buying designer clobber off ebay.

They are free to read and strongly advise anyone who is considering/bidding on anything designer to check them out. There are people who don't mind wearing imitations or copies of a designer peice. But for those who are after the real thing it is important not to be fooled by those out counterfieting the real mccoy!


The guides are really detailed and the authors have extensive knowledge of the items they are talking about. What is really amazing is that they expose most fake gear and show you pictures of the fakes, the real thing and they even tell you how sellers convince you, that what you are buying is genuine. 


Not all items which are described as genuine/authentic actually are! And due to the copies being made of a high standard now and it becoming harder to spot them, it is important to know your stuff, if you are after a genuine designer item. The only reason i am letting all of you buyers out there in on this, is because i had purchased a bag which was portrayed as being genuine, and the only reason i knew it wasnt was because i did have a genuine one, but in a different style and the difference was emense!

So i thought i'd tell you about these guides because it got me thinking how many people have purchased items thinking they were authentic, and thinking they have had a bargain, paying £90 or £100 pound, when actually, it isnt genuine.

Like i said, if you dont mind paying that for a copy, thats fine and your choice, but it can be hurtful to discover that actually, you were betrayed by the seller as they are telling you its genuine when it actually might not be!


Generally, the author of the guides tells you basic things to know, like ; check feedback (even if something is positive there can be something negative written as some people just want to avoid conflict), if sellers are keeping feedback private you need to double check pictures, ask for more pictures of the item of every angle of the item (this is not just to check that labels are where they should be, and the logos/brand/linings are what they should be etc etc. but also that they arent plagerising someone elses pictures! The most important thing the guides tell you is what to look for if they are fake ( i.e. what genuine boxes / dust bags look like and what the fake ones are like) as they tell you that faking designer goods doesnt just stop at the product, it is receipts, boxes, tags, authenticity cards etc. too. And that if something seems too good to be true it probably is.


The guides give you back ground knowledge on the designers - such as louis vuitton does not mark down ANY of their products, they NEVER have sales, so if there is more than one of the same item for low low prices being advertised as genuine, then they possibly couldnt be, as you and i know vuitton handbags are hundreds and hundreds of pounds - so the seller is either unaware of this or  the bags may not be genuine!

The best tip they give is to visit designer websites/ stores/ catalogues etc, get clued up on  the products, and know what your after.      

If you want to read more about how to buy genuine goods , I would reccomend you visit and read these guides - trust me you will be suprised at just how real the copies look - They are worth a read !


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