buying cars is never easy

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i must admit i do have better things to do with my time than read the argument between the seller and the dealer (fhmdirect). to be fair it is not just ebay that problems occur but every where, i think its what u call a hard sale and a mug, u didnt have to buy the car, u should have looked it over, taken it for a spin ur self, dont get me wrong i'm no mechanic, but there are always things to look out for, ask the seller for more photos for a start of the engine and the water tank there is tell tell signs ie: if the water is murky lookin kinda yellow u'd assume there is a head gasket going, or gone. dont hand over the money untill ur 100% sure ur getting what u pay for.... i have purchased a car from a main dealer in the px department, n even they can ripe u off. I know i was!!!!! brought a car that had to be jumped to get started, he said he would replace the battery, which he did, only for it to die on me 4 mths down the line...... N no it aint the alternator i'm not that stupid, but if ur looking for cheap then expect cheap.....  I seem to have more luck with cars when i'm taken along to have alook, u should see there faces when a girl gets down under the bonnet to have alook, they seem so smug until my list off problems come out of my mouth, i'm quite tempted to close their mouths for them..Bless........but we cant all be lucky when it comes to cars... I must admit though u go to have a look at a car and u dont even test drive it..yet u want it for the family, come on its up to u to make sure its safe for ur family, y should any one else be bothered, u have to be realistic with this n i'm sorry to say but i dont really think the buyer has a leg to stand on, the seller might not have put it all in to the advert but u were there u looked at it, u should have walked away if the noice was there the next day then the noice was there on the day, walk away who cares if their is negative feedback WOW... u still got ur money n u can go out n buy another 1, perhaps u should have paid some 1 to look at it, my friends always live n learn i suppose, really did get a bit heated n the seller still comments on the buyer when others gave feedback i didnt think u could do that, but wot do i know..........this helps mmmmmm not a lot....
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