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Most people want to have the latest fashions but and cheaper prices and it seems that ebay has always been the place to do that, Now i have been abroad for a while and do not have timae to actually go shopping so i joined Ebay and joined the gravy wagon looking for some decent gear, I have been dismayed sadly that i have purchased quite a few shirts from sellers but maybe i dont know my own size, i mean it is my body after all!!

It seems that a lot of clothing has originated from China or Japan and there sizes are considerably smaller, ie, the human form over there is sooooooooooooooo much smaller than in the UK or USA etc etc.

My tip of the day is this, before you buy, (maybe telling people to suck eggs here) ask the seller if its UK sizes otherwise your bound to be disappointed, You wait two weeks for a shirt and then a shirt actually comes through you letter box that only a midget can fit into.

I think EBAY should stipulate country of origin and country size as sellers rarely do this themselves,.

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