buying continental / european headlights from eBay

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Being a member of the British Army and recently posted to Germany I had to purchase continental headlights for my vehicle (blanks or deflectors wont do as i have to pass a German MoT equivalent). Searching for anything for MG is difficult now due to the lack of dealerships so I strugled to find anything.

I did find some lights listed on here however they wanted £550 plus £35 quid postage. I dont want them that much lol.

If you are forces and posted abroad you have a few months after you arrive to change your lightsso dont panic and buy the first ones you see. There is a newspaper with classified ads every week and there are many lights for sale in there.

However my top tip for getting anything continental or europeanis to search on German or French eBay sites instead. Now my language isnt great but you can log into (german) or (french) and stil search for your car.

Doing this i managed to find continental headlights for my car for £300 including delivery to the UK from the German site. This saved me £250 for an hour's work!

To be honest the guy selling the lights on here was based in Germany anyway and was probably buying his stock from German eBay, banging £200 on top and seling them to mugs on British eBay.

Dont fall for it - shop around and save hundreds.

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