buying crap

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just a little advice from an experienced ebayer who has been sucked into buying crap of ebay the crap items include,

ebooks these are the biggest load of crap you could ever waist your money on

 and then there are dvd"s you think you are getting a bargain when you purchase one for 99p, you will be disapointed if you buy dvd"s that cheap they will end up as crap not worth watching,

 new dvd"s that are listed as not sealed cheap  inports that are really copies and really poor copies and some wont play on some dvd players,

 if you buy used clothes you could catch ringworm or a whole lot of other germs that cant be washed out with a normal wash, utter crap and minging,

and what is the biggest thing that everybody has been sucked into and thats over priced postage some sellers are dam thiefs the prices they charge i have mailed sellers in the past and they have lowered the price of the item i have purchased, and others have refused to lower the price witch doesnt bother me because its them that have lost a sale,

hope this insight into things i have experienced helps others.

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