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Hi im a buzz agent and ive been asked to write a guide for ebay i will be given a voucher on completion of a sucessfull task. Ive bought alot of jewellery from ebay  a few items in the past few wks.i have used many differnt seller's a few from hong kong . Ive bought all items of jewellery beliving them to be real silver 925 from the items of jewellery i bought from hong kong only 1 was real silver the rest was just costume jewellery when looking at advert of sale they do state silver 925 costume jewellery so apart from the one item which just said silver 925 so when buying jewellery if after the description it says costume jewellery take it thats its not real and that it is just costume jewellery the prices are still cheap either way also when buying jewellery especially rings size's may differ has you can shoo all over the world and we all use a different sizing structure so make sure you check that your ordering the right size in the first place has many people except returns but there are a few that won't. All the jewellery has been exactly has the picture showed and been of good quality even the jewellery i won really cheap on bids. 
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