buying kids clothes

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your kid got a favourite item of clothing and you want to find another on ebay?

It may be you love your daughter's current pink snowflake top and you want to buy the next size, or maybe your son loves his StarvWars top and it's almost too small but you need to find next size. Of course the shop willnno longer sale that design. However the chances are you will find another on ebay. The secret is to select your search wording carefully and then save your search. This means even if none are  currently for sale,  when in the future a seller lists that item, you will be notified!

Firstly get your wording right. As an example, you're looking for a Darth Vadar Next long sleeved top in age 7. You could search Next (star wars, darth vadar) (7, 8). Words in brackets mean either or, so in my example it would show up items called either starwars, or darth vadar. Remeber you can restrict the number of items found by putting a maximum price on your search criteria, you can restrict your search  category to clothing,  childrens, boys, tops.

When you find your item, just remember to check condition,  ask questions such as please describe any marks, stains, defects, etc. Check it is free from pet hair, and from a smoke free home as cigarette smoke is hard to wash away.  Check your seller has a good rating. 

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