buying modern star wars.

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ok we know that there are many different packaging in the star wars toy range here are some pointers for all you new buyers out there.ok in 1995 kenner/hasbro released the power of the force 2 range this included figures,ships,and playsets,now there are some very valuble items but the most of it has no great value (yet).there are 4 different packagings for this range RED/GREEN/ORANGE and TRILOGO CARDS which have 3 different languages on them and some colectable ones include figures withTHX LEAFLETS behind the figures these are considered collectable and can be a lot more expensive than normal figures.also released at this time was the shadows of the empire figures and ships most come on PURPLE however some are found on RED and GREEN.this range all ended in we have episode 1 range released in 1999 from the film with the same name this was the first time since 1983 that fans were introduced to new characters and the toy range reflects this.this range is packaged in BLACK AND RED rarer items include figures without episode 1 writen on the card and some hard to find figures like we move on to the BLUE SAGA range which has so many items in it that i would not recommend it to beginers this range had figures from the original films up to attack of the clones in 2002.also around this time came the power of the jedi range this range comes on GREEN packaging with a picture of a young  OBI WAN on it unlike the earlier power of the force green cards that had  VADER on them.THIS RANGE IS STILL AVALIBLE IN RETAIL OUTLETS AND HAS NO GREAT COLLECTOR VALUE THERE IS A DARTH VADER EMPERORS WRATH FIGURE WHICH IS QUITE COLLECTABLE.then in 2004 came the OTC collection these were re-releases of original 70s and 80s figures and ships made from some of the original molds it is probably the best modern series to collect in my opinion this is packaged in BLACK AND SILVER just like the original series and has OTC stated on the packaging so it cannot be passed of as 2005 with the release of the final movie revenge of the sith came the toy collection with the same name this was one of the more anticipated collections and includes some really nice items this series come in BLACK/ORANGE AND RED packaging and is still availible in the shops.then in 2006 came the NEW SAGA COLLECTION this range looks like the OTC COLLECTION and even includes some original characters this series also include the ULTIMATE GALACTIC HUNT FIGURES which i think is a great range with some really nice figures that will become more valuble in years to come.i hope you find this information helpful if you wish to know about a range more in depth then feel free to contact me at any time.

until next time bye bye.

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