buying pandora style silver beads.

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One of the latest trends is pandora style bracelets.for those that are not familiar with them. they are a modern take on charm bracelets. both my daughters have recently got them and are collecting charms,so i thinking it would be a nice gift for christmas decided to look for some. the prices vary from jewellers to market stalls.then i thought of looking on ebay,and i found thousands.some described as silver plated and some described as solid silver.not wanting to disappoint i went for the solid silver this is where you have to beware. the ones i went for after searching and reading were described as "100% 925 hallmarked solid sterling silver"sound great don`t they,and i must admit when they arrived they looked the part.i bought 8 in total,and devided them between my 2 daughters.on christmas day they loved them. on friday the 8th of january they hated them,because they were no longer silver.THEY WERE COPPER.i was horrified.because of the description i bought with confidence.i have sent numerous emails to the sellers,but have had no reply.all i could do was appologise to my daughters embarrassingly,and promised to get them genuine ones when i have the buyers BEWARE it seems not everybody is as honest as we are. i have purchased other things off ebay, and have been thrilled with them.just not spoils it for genuine sellers because i don`t think i would buy beads off ebay again. regards Janet
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