buying poi on ebay

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Buying your first / new poi on eBay

if you are new to using poi, they are an ancient tradition in new zealand and are great fun toys to master normally made of 2 balls/weights on strings/chains that are swung rhythmatically.

you can get fabric poi (best ones to learn with), fire poi, flashing poi, glowstick poi...

When buying on ebay please beware of cheap and cheerful poi's, some are too cheap as they are poorly made, they need to be the same weight to get a good swing and the tails or wick need to be strong material otherwise they will start to rip/frey very quikly.

It's best to get chains or strings with good strong handles, don't buy the poi with shoelace style strings as they stretch when you're swinging.

it's also better to get them will tails that are seperate as the ones that are stitched together halfway down tend to come apart.

the best make i have found so far are poi poi, these are very well made and are at reasonable prices, they are a well known company (they take they're products to festivals like global gathering)

i definatly reccomend the mouse poi (short fabric poi with two tails) and rubber things (rubber balls that make a bead light string of light while swinging) both by poi poi.

I hope this was helpful to you, as i had no idea what to get when i started swinging and ended up buying a few useless sets.


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