buying property in bulgaria

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bulgaria is a lovely place to buy property,like any place there are better and worse places to buy,i cannot speak for any  property on the coast as i have not been there. if you are thinking of buying a village house, the overiding thing is to visit before you buy. due to the economic changes in the country, some villages are on the up,some are staying level,and some are most definately on the way down. the price of the houses for sale does not always reflect this,as there are always chancers taking advantage of people searching for a advice is to budget for a veiwing holiday with a couple of agents in the area of your choice,as this will always be cheaper than buying even the cheapest property on ebay,that turns out to be a waste of money, as certain villages an houses have no value at all. why buy a house in a place you have never been,that has no value of any sort,when for the same money plus the price of a trip,say 750 to 1000 gbp,you can buy an ideal place. hope this helps you in your search

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