buying property in bulgaria

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I have a house in Bulgaria which i have had for 4 yrs.we had no problems when we bought and at that time the airport was closed in the winter but it is now open all year, ok it is only wizzair that flies in from Luton to Bourgas and if you book early the cost isnt too bad.

What most people dont understand is the country is about 40 yrs behind England and is a totally different way of life to the uk also be fare what do you expect if you are only paying a small amount of money,a mansion.

The houses do need work but its rewarding especially if you live in a village because the family values that exist in bulgaria are now non existant in England.

You have to form a company if you buy a house because of the land,you also give power of attorney to the lawyer but deposit  first, then only the final amount when the paperwork is ready to sign.This worked ok for us.Do not put anymore money in that account.we knew people that put huge amounts in and that is just asking for trouble.

Bulgaria is a lovely country if you take time to look ,but its NOT  England



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