buying real art

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    1. Is the picture you see the picture you buy?                                                       I am sick of trying to buy copies of paintings from usually chinese sites where the seller photographs the original old master and we end up with some dreadful copy and the integrity of the seller cannot be verified because they use private feedback,this runs against trade description laws,ebay must specify that the actual photo taken is of the actual goods for sale to stop this abuse.If it was allowed in other areas pandemonium would break out.The only protection I have found is to ask the seller to email you a photo of the actual picture you are trying to buy ; if they will not do not buy ; then meticulousy check their feedback from the beginning as certain sellers are able to achieve high positive feedback by buying eletters at 1p a time ;100 positve feedbacks for 1gbp,they then sell items for a few months before becoming unregistered,disappearing with the buyers money only to start up  again with another identity.Just look at the number of sites especially in the Far East apparently offering an identical product and having spent 20 years in the art trade I have yet to see an identical painting.                                                                                                                                        

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