buying second hand pc games

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hi , this is just a couple of pointers in buying pc games - the first thing to do is ask questions IF you cant see the information you need to make an INFORMED purchase ......

REMEMBER , games were designed for a lot of different operating systems . DOS . windows 95 & 98 , ME , xp AND , Vista &  windows 7 .

one thing that PC games DO have an advantage in over console products is theres only very very rarely a regional issue , PC games work worldwide ,theyre not pal or ntsc ,not region1 ,2,3,  my game will work as well in Australia as Alaska

ask if the guy knows if its suitable for YOUR operating system .(please tell him what you're running , he cant guess your spec or O/S )

COUNTERFEIT GAMES - look at the picture - is it a 'REAL ' one or just a cover pic - has he put a scene from the game there rather than the ACTUAL game , if theres a picture , is there a manual on show - ALL of these are good pointers to A GENUINE PC GAME FOR SALE .

READ his feedback , look at his rating , PERSONALLY ,id  trust a person with 98% over a 100 trades more that a guy with 100% over 10 ,hes had more experience and you can be fiddled by feedback too , if your buying , look at his selling feedback , not the overall score . remember you can ONLY get positive feedback for buying stuff , its the selling feedback you need to look at 

People can get a pretty instant rating buying 1p wallpapers in a day or so - you want to deal with real sellers selling REAL things . look into the feeback ; ive found guys who have 100 feedback manufactured from other ID's THEY OWN .

if all the feedback looks and sounds the same check THOSE id's too to see if its a feedback merry go round 

USE established sellers ,LIKE POWERSELLERS , they HAVE to be GOOD to achieve that status  THEY HAVE to MAINTAIN a 98% positive feedback rating to REMAIN a POWERSELLER

CHECK , if it needs a SERIAL CODE ,(MOST DO NOW)

CHECK if it needs an account login and PASSWORD

( games like HALF LIFE 2 ,CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2 . BATTLEFIELD 2142,  WORLD OF WARCRAFT , GUILD WARS all do and MORE AND more games are account driven , once registerd to THAT account you cant play them without the account details and login access  )


Most sellers will give you the info you need BEFORE you ask for it , BUT IT NEVER HURT TO ASK A QUESTION ........

LIKE , is this a GENUINE retail game , not an import , or a copy .has it a serial code , a manual , DAMAGE TO THE DISCS ........

I hope this guide is of some use to you , if you follow all these rules ,its  UNLIKELY youll ever get stitched up by someone



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