buying stamp mixtures and kiloware!!

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I have bought many GB stamp mixtures and kiloware and to be honest have in general been very disappointed with the quality of the stamps. The people selling these items describe them as unsorted and that"finds" are likely,but the truth is they have been rifled through and any valuable stamps taken out.This is best illustrated when you look at "sellers other items" and they are selling the same kind of stamps from these mix's but are the mint, or  lightly cancelled specimens.Nothing wrong with that you might say but basically the seller is misleading you into buying what is usually nothing more than rubbish.The "trick" is to advertise the mix as all reigns and put a couple of penny reds, a few KE VII stamps of the 1/2d green and then throw in KG V low values. Next put KE VIII stamps which are not very collectable then KG VI low values, a few pre-decimal, lots and lots of machins and hey presto you have your mix!!Don't get me wrong I have purchased some mix's that have produced excellent unmounted mint stamps but these are few and far between.So if you want a good mix I suggest you ask the seller what kind of quality these stamps are and look into what other stamps they are selling singularly on "other items for sale!" Don't be fooled by the scan picture of the stamps as this is sometimes not the same stamps you are bidding on.

Update; recently I have seen several sellers offering large amounts of pre-decimal QE II unmouted mint stamps claiming that these have not been checked for errors/flaws but strangely enough they are selling error/flaw stamps of the same variety at the same time so can you really believe that they, the seller have not checked these stamps. This is a perfect example of buyers being misled into paying "over the odds" for stamps that are just ordinary "run of the mill" stamps.
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