buying videogames ...buyer beware on ebay !!!

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we have had some racy experiences on ebay lately and at this time of year ...when people are looking for that last minute present or new year best buy you should be wary of some of the plays used in the market place...

we are traders in playstation games ...that is we buy and sell dvd disc games for the ps2 platform ...when we look  at the huge display of games on ebay we see a few odd things that catch our eye...such as  this seasons blockbuster games like" PRO EVO 6" or " CANIS CANEM EDIT aka BULLY "being sold by ebayers with NO feedback ...and wanting to be paid by CHEQUE !!....make a deal with these people at your one has bought or sold them anything and when your purchase never arrives your on your own....with no comeback or protection !

so the solution here  is easy...a seller with feedback from buyers and sellers ( real people with feedback of their own ) and with a paypal account means that  when your buying  from them YOU ARE PROTECTED !!!pure and simple....we would be even  tempted to say that anyone who wants a cheque from you in payment  is a risk...and that risk is once that cheque leaves your fingers ....there is no comeback or guarantee to help you...this simple rule will save you  time and money ...we suggest you stick to it !!!

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