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buying alloy wheels for your car can be very exciting and once you have the money to afford to actually buy some frustration can grow increasingly large in the search for finding the right ones. the key thing to remember is that take your time and do alot of research!!

 It sounds very boring but its so true most people are paying £400 and over for them so the last thing you want is the something to go wrong. what you must not do is buy second hand wheels without thinking about some key things. its not just about the et and stud pattern but once you have found those things out ask the seller what nuts he has for the wheels some cars use nuts and some use wheel bolts also are they supplying the locking nuts with them this is very important these items are very much in demand by criminals so they can tell with a glance if you have locking nuts on or not. thats not the only thing either a set of 4 locking nuts will set you back 30 quid so ask before you buy alot of people have a tight budget and once these hidden costs arise you will find your wheels not gleaming either side of your whip rather them stacked up in the garage until you can afford to buy what you need. also Spigot Rings these will decrease vibrations immensly they dont fit all cars so you have to have the right ones they arent neccasary but they are very much a good grace as it can make your car drive so much smoother!!!

another aspect is if you are buying wheels only be prepared for some heafty tyre costs.tyres have a huge range low profile tyers are very expensive and depending on what you need them for they tend to get more costly when the car is less recomended to have that size wheel on,i hope youtr following me!!for instance lots of people wana put big wheels on hot hatches golfs,corsa's,206's.civics etc the common tyre you are looking for is a 205 40 17 now it is important that if you have a five door you buy reinforced heavy load tyres, these tyres if you look everywhere the cheapest you will dfind are uknown makes that dont hold high performance they start at 35 a tyre the cheapest known brand of tyre the budget tyre is 55 a tyre and thats not including delivery although most companies do it for free. after that you have to get them fitted and balanced thats another 40 quid so whatch your costs i hope this helps anyone

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