buying yankee candles

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Dont get caught out

When looking to buy yankee candles/tartlets make sure you thoroughly look at all the listing for the scent your looking for as the price difference between some off the sellers is quite a lot set a budget and stick to it, and always be careful if it's a retired scent or American exclusive as these could have been sitting a while and lost there sent.  Always try to use a reputable seller check feedback and if your unsure mail them and ask any questions well before the auction is due to end. Yankee has loads off different seasonal scents so if you want summer scents your better to try and buy them in winter and so on as this is when they are at there cheapest and always try and bid or buy it now on a listing with free postage as the candles are quite expensive to post and on the other hand don't pay over the odds for postage on tartlets as they weigh very little and don't cost very much at all to post so don't get caught out with greedy sellers most sellers are honest and helpful but you do get the odd one that are not so helpful the feedback will tell you what kind off seller you are dealing with  Happy shopping.
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