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the cagiva mito blog 

THE CAGIVA MITO is one of the best 125s if not the best 125 motorbike ever made .
ive owned many cagiva mito 125 over the years and still own many now lol , 
although i passed my full test many years ago .

if you looking for a fast reliable 125 motorcycle then you will not go wrong with this bike

you will have more fun riding a mito than you will on any other bike , you will learn a lot about motorbikes and how to maintain them all valuable lessons for the future, not to mention they are one of the best looking bikes out there .

they tend to have a reputation of being unreliable but i have never found this the case , initially a used bike can take
a certain amount of work but after you have taken care of this basic maintenance you should get many miles of reliable use out of your mito , obviously if you race your bike everywhere this will take its toll , so a lot depend on the rider.

i actually own both the aprilia rs125 and the cagiva mito 125 if you choice is between these two bikes my choice would be the cagiva mito although it would be hard to choose , hence why i have both .

The cagiva Mito Blog 

ive been writing the cagiva mito blog for a while now just a bit of fun really load of information on there , please visit for more information of the Cagiva Mito 125 including model history , paintwork schemes , a free workshop manual , electrical wiring diagrams , how to buy a motor bike  guide , best way to sell a motor bike on the internet  guide 
if you interested in cagiva mitos at all then visit The Cagiva Mito blog 

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