callaway x 20 golf clubs £189.00 buy now fake fake

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please be aware of theses normally sold on a privet biding they look come with all the packaging and box from callaway grapite shafts heads perfect looking i took mine to a callaway dealer and he said thet where the best FAKE clubs he had ever seen had seiral numbers on too the thing that really made him look again was the fact that they all had hollowgrapic callaway stickers on callaway and he and callaway confirmed they never put stickers like that on any of there gear callaway destored them for me luckly i got my money back from paypal thank god the person selling them had over 169 100% feedback too i have been looking on ebay and still see alot of theses for sale same box and plastic around them people becareful my new motto if it looks to good to be true it must be fake ie 189 quid for 650 pounds worth of clubs silly me hope this helps
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