camping with children and dogs

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We have just returned from our very first camping trip - four adults, four dogs and six children!!!!  it was brilliant.  all the equipment was borrowed so we are now going out to buy all our own gear and hope to go again in a week or two this time only two adults, two dogs and five children. 

Some things i would recommend is to organise a job for everyone - someone to clear stones and sticks whilst someone else starts to unpack the car etc etc.  A bored child is more than anyone can stand when wrestling with a large tent and having mallett in hand!!  Also, games and activities.  we organised campsite olympics and a talent night - back up sweets for prizes.  Get older kids to organise a treasure hunt for younger children. 

If you have dogs dont forget food, bowls, poo bags etc etc.  We also managed to get a large cork screw thing to put in the ground and put the dogs on it on a long chain - a couple of tent pegs would have lasted mere seconds with our two. 

mostly, relax, let the kids get mucky, dont have a coronary if they scrape a knee (remember germolene) and act childish if you can - you will have a ball............  oh and the people pitching next to you are like neighbours so invite them over - the more the merrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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