car paint scratch repairer

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How the scratch remover works,
When you see a scratch on your paint work what you are seeing is the light reflecting from the edge of the scratch, so imagine that your scratch is like a landscape that has had a river running on it and has worn a deep ravine down through the earth with steep sides. What the scratch remover does is to wear the sides off the  ravine and make it more like a rolling hill, now when you look at it the light is reflected in many directions and you cannot now see the scratch. So  to use the scratch remover  polish in circles to take the edge off the scratch and when you are happy with it (you need to spend some time and elbow grease on it) you will be left with a dull area, then use a polish to bring the shine back again.

 If the scratch has taken the paint off to the metal or primer you will have to get a paint touch up pen/paint from the local dealer and very slowly build up the paint in coats until the new paint is proud of the old paint , give it time to dry between coats and at the end you use the fine WET sand paper to bring the new paint down to the same level as the old paint , when you have done this you then use the scratch remover to blend the old and new paint in , when you are happy with the result you will be left with a dull area of paint , then use a polish to bring the shine back to the area again.

This may seem a long job but it is not hard and when you think of the £££’s you will save on a RESPRAY I am sure you will agree it’s worth the effort.


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