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just like to share with you my car waxing experiences.i was until recently using the waterless car wax system,they are fast to use and give good results,i am still a bit wary of using it when the car is really dirty.

i like the rest of you were using the hose bucket and car shampoo untill i started with the waterless system..however i have now been using the old method again, i have found a great wax called harly wax which is a grade 1 carnauba wax,you have the same dubious pleasure of the hose etc but the shine is second to none.the best part i have found is the car stays so much cleaner for longer,if you drive on the wet roads your car will still pick up grime,if your car stands parked up and it rains the rain just runs off and just a quick wipe with a microfibre cloth gets it looking like new again.the wax is easy to apply and unlike some waxes polishes out easily with no effort.i have found the best way to use the wax is to wax your car as much as you can when you get the wax to build up the layers,i waxed mine everyday for a week and now when the sun shines you can just see the layers glistening.i am not connected to the company in any way accept as a buyer of the is the longest lasting and best shine i have ever used.

to sum up, i have found with this wax, although it is a chore with the hose etc,it outperforms the waterless system in respect of the lasting shine you get.

great protection from bird droppings as quick tip,when rinsing your car avoid the sprinkler setting on your hose,just use the open hose on a medium flow,start at the roof and work in a side to side motion with the the same on the doors and bonnet. the actual weight of water will pull the droplets away and saves you plenty of time in not having to dry the car. always rinse at the top of the doors, bonnet etc, side to side and gradually lower the hose as you go  and the weight of water will virtually dry your car for you.

thanks for reading this hope it helps.

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