caravan insurance beware

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just a few points to share if you are looking for caravan insurance.....our story

we bought a caravan in august 2005 and started looking for insurance,the cheapest quote we got was with a company called e and l insurance  so we decided to take it.

when the pokicy came we read through it and in the small print it stated that while the caravan was in storage it had to be stored at a residentual address,or a secure storage compound with barriers and cctv,we stored ours locally in a compound but it didn't have a locked gate or cctv so i quickly phoned e +l up to check to see if i was covered by their insurance,i was told over the phone not to worry and that as long as my hitch lock and wheel clamp were fitted that we were fully insured because the person that owned the storage site also lived there so it came under the residential side ,i made them fully aware that there was no cctv or lockable barrier/gate but still insisted that we were covered ,so i asking for her to put this in writing and the adviser said she would.

a week or so later after receiving nothing in the post i again phoned e+l and again explained the situation and informed them that i had nothing sent to me in writing,i was told tht everything was ok and all the information was on their system.

in may 2005 the caravan was stolen and because the small print on the documents stated that the caravan needed to be stored in a compound with cctv and that ours wasn't they wern't going to pay out,when i told them about what i was told over the phone by their advisers,their reply was that they wouldn't say anything like that!!

after recently doing a search fo these people on the internet and ukcampsite . co. uk it seems that complaints about this company are very common any nothing good is said about them,,

the reason for writing this is to hopefully stop anyone elso falling for the same con as i did and to do a bit of research into it before comiting to anything even if you have to record telephone conversations for your own safety and demand everything in writing ...also pick a reputable company like the caravan club ,

and if anyone asked me about e+ hell insurance i would advise them to keep away!!!

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