caravan winter shutdown

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their lots of peop;e who do not shut down at winter and can be very expencive with burst pipes and up to300 pound and more for a new boiler with the frost the easty way turn water off at the main tap beside your van theirs usaly a 10 mm bolt in your boiler remove this before this open all your taps check for any drain plugs under the van another tip the push on rubber hoses you use for your water carriers push on your taps put this on your tap and blow down it and it should clear the water that lies in your pipes and with luck when you put water back on you should have no leaks water off open taps drain boiler a bit anti freeze in toilet boul flush toilet before hand this year lots of people have notbeen able to do this as the pipes froze up over night and were caught out as i was and had lots of burst pipes but the boiler was ok because i koot the drain plug out for the ice to expand
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