cast or forged?irons

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If its looks your after and impressing others with whats in your bag, youll probably be swung by the modern glitzy cast clubs with big shiny emblems and shiny graphics.Golf is about precision skill and to hone that skill you should be testing whats best for your game not what looks best on the course,visit a reputable retailer or golf shop with a pro to help you choose the options best suited to your swing and strengths.The right length clubs and adjusted lie can improve your game drastically.Many a golfer will play a few years and never improve due to this,my advice spend a little time and effort selecting your clubs as the game can become expensive and we all know how frustrating it can be some days,so if it aint broke dont try to fix it,many a top pro on the tour have been playing the same model of clubs for years.People are persuaded to much with advertisement and claims of game improvement because the industry wants to make money but they dont tell is that it takes practice and learning of the game that makes you improve.If your new to the game try out some of the older clubs that go cheap on ebay to see if golfs for you,then when you want to get serious about the game get fitted for your clubs.On another note be aware of forged irons that are advertised that dont show face wear on the club as forged irons dont have the lifespan of the cast option and they have been flogged to death with 100 of rounds of play,always question why someone is getting rid of them in the first place and ask for pictures.Enjoy the game and stay stress free on the course,happy golfing. 
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