cheap dvd wholesale lists

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i have bought many so called wholesale lists of dvd brand new releases for a couple of pounds the add says.give up your day job.become a millionaire.that sort of can indeed buy brand new release dvds for 2 quid most of the time quality is excellent only trouble being most of them are pirate copys from asia that you cannot sell on yourself legally.another problem i have had is when buying from these companys is having parcels siezed by customs and being informed that they are pirate and not getting any money back.the truth is you will not get a new release movie on dvd for 2 quid and if you do its a pirate.i understand why people buy these lists though iv been there you want to make a living doing something you enjoy and you risk a couple of quid on a list of sites but how many times do you have to do this before enough is enough.
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