cheap unoriginal batteries for laptops

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Hi there, just wanted to share this with you. I had recently from my clients faulty laptops comming in saying that laptop just suddenly died. I was checking what could be wrong with it. Adapters were ok, no liquid damage no signs of other fysical damage. And because there were all different makes i couldnt blame it on bad model. But there was one thing that all these laptops had in common and it was unoriginal batteries mainly from China which actually when we measured the voltage were giving way to high voltage sort of transfering and increasing voltage from adapter to the laptop. This caused board component to burn. This caused all laptops had to have their motherboards changed if owner wanted to save them. Obviously instead of paying around 250 quid there rather went and bought new laptops. My conclusin is. Please if you want to safe money on your laptop dont do it on its battery as it can couse you much more in the end. Please if this was little helpful dont hesitate to vote 4 me thanks.
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