cheap wedding gowns from china.

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I have a small wedding gown shop that i run from my home address i only buy one or two gowns a month.If you purchase cheap gowns i have found the build quaility is very poor,but the materials used in their construction are very good.I have to get my wife to go over the dresses with a fine tooth combe to put right faults like loose threads on the underside of the dress where its been embelished with embroidery,or hems not finished properly. But if you buy gowns that are more exspensive say over $250 each you do not get this problem.there is also a problem with the postage costs which seems to me a huge rip off, say you buy a dress on ebay for£14.99 from china the postage can be as much as£90 what are they doing sending it buy chinese rick shaw.I am happy to say however most of the gowns i have bought do not fall into this catagory. I hope this has been of use to somebody.
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