child room barriers

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Quick temporary child or pet barriers/gates in minutes!

Some metal safety gates take time to measure and install. I have one top and one bottom stair gate and its the opening and closing them with your hands full, balancing my child in one hand or on the hip. They can also be a hazard if every room in the house needs a barrier or gate and don’t forget the most important ones are proper metal gates for the stairs.

I prefer my child to be in the same room as myself so I can see and hear them when I cook and its not always possible to see and hear them if they are crawlers and/or explorers. Our child loves to play with our computer and desk in the hall so we decided to partially block certain areas. We have 3 rooms down stairs(lounge, kitchen, dinning room and the hall) with 2 door ways each room.

We used my child’s height as a guide and the height, that you as an adult, can manage to easily step over the barriers. We also measured the width of all the doorways downstairs .Our materials are 4 small wood nails(8 for more reinforcement),hammer, 6mm ply board and sanding paper. Cut the board to size so it can fit in all the doorways comfortably between the door frame so your door will open and close. Hammer the nails horizontally into the doorframe at the top and bottom. You can now slide the board upwards to remove it. DO NOT NAIL YOUR PLYBOARD PERMANENTLY INTO THE POST. I only needed 2 barriers to contain my child in one room while I'm in the next room. I used 4 nails per doorway, 2 top 2 bottom on either side horizontally and are small enough nails not to be noticed. I put nails on all my doorposts so now I just slide in the ply board and its a barrier to keep him out that room or just in one room and its easy to use. You can also have fun painting them .We have used this idea to house train our dog in the kitchen and still have access to the kitchen with ease.

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