childrens burberry clothes

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from what i know,which isnt as much as others,i do know that all childrens clothes,will say c.w.f on the lable,if it dosnt,well its fake,

its hard too tell the differance nowadays,as even fake ones have the logo on the buttons,

another way too tell if fake,is if you can see that the lable has been sewn on,as a genuine one,you wouldnt be sewn on afterwards,

they always have a serial number aswell,and should come with spare button,

a genuine childs shirt will just say burberry and size,

with lacost there will only ever be 1 lable at the top,if you get one that says lacoste then size separate,well its fake,a genuine shirt will say lacoste with croc above and size in top left corner,a spare buttons should be on wash lable which should say devanley and have serial number,also the fabric is a dead giveaway,a genuine lacoste tracksuit the fabric is soft and delicate,with a sort a teabag type pattern in the fabric,look out for the zippers,a fake one will usually have aplastic zipper,which looks cheap looking,every detail on a genuine item will be down too a t,

a loui vuitton bag will always have serial number inside



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