chinese bikes

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As an owner of a chinese bike the best advice i can give is- unless you are very handy maintenance wise and very savvy and mechanicaly minded, donot buy a chinese bike as they are incredibaly mentanence heavy and they continuously go wrong, without an engineer friend in the background for me i would not be able to keep my bike on the road and it can also be unnerving when it litterally shakes itself apart and things continually come loose including in my case, engine mount retaining nuts,rear sprocker, side stand, exhoust and on and on, the sprocket thing realy shook me, so my advise, chinese is false economy unless you are a bike nut and regardless of what your told, part replacement IS a nightmare, Oh! and buy the way my sprocket mounting pins sheared whilst me and the misses were out for a ride around the moors, lucky we were only doing 20mph.      
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