chinese fraudsters ruthless ways to bully ebayers

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i am writting this reveiew in conjuction with what seems to me as a genuine person lapadary2.

i have read his reviews and can not honestly belive  that ebay continues to let the nasty fraudster and his family operate on ebay and change their ids, and letting them do this will not protect genuine ebayers from bulling tactics that he so blatentley uses .i have had dealings with this man and he stops at nothing to get what he wants the way he gets away with it is appalling.i myself buy and sell on a regular bases and i pay ebay fees that is a pretty healthy sum but we are okay with this because  it is fun and we like the ebay communitiy but recentley i been left a negative feedback that was later withdrawn this was the chinese person he also sent me 25 threatning emails because i wouldnt sell him a van for a fixed amount because i dint like the pressure he was putting on me and this man sabotaged lots of my auctions but luckely i have come to reconise his methods and silly little ids that his shallow imagination cant stretch behond his sons.

this chinese man has been sabotaging my ebaying for months now and it is infuriating that he even found my address and telephone number and was going to send a family member to sort me out!!

this man has changed his id  at least 6 times in 6 mths  how is this possible surley ebay should be aware of this and as yet failed to protect us ebayers that are here  to provide good services in a good honest way anyway .thanks for reading this review ebay people and beware of these ruthless greedy tricksters please please check everthing 1-s then 2s and if in doubt dont buy or sell to them everyone should be aware how they are operating read lapsdary2 review he is the closest you can get to the fraudster ways good on you lapadary2 keep going on i shall be behind you all the way to stop this man .

ps bobbyjo i have now moved to a new home

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