chinese motorcycles and scooters,

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I thought I put fingers on buttons to add a guide/comments about chinese two wheeled products!!

There are many myths and half truths about these machines!!

I often see comments in the press about so called 'experts' saying the machines are inferior and poor quality, What you have to remember is that you get what you pay for and the golden rule:LOOK AFTER YOU BIKE AND THE BIKE WILL LOOK AFTER YOU!!!!!!!!!

The trick is with chinese machines and any other machine for that matter, regular maintenance is the key, you can't blame the bike for the fact that the chain has not been lubed or adjusted and then falls off!!  

There's some problem bikes out there but as long as you get the right advice and maintain the machine you should be ok! I had a comment from a salesman in a main dealers slagging off chinese machines, He soon shut up when I lifted the seat on 'japanese quality' machine to see a 'MADE IN CHINA' sticker!!!!

if you look closely at some 'european' and 'japanese' scootersyou may see a very familiar engine!! but SSH! they don't want to know that!! so simular that bits from the chinese engines fit perfectly as if they have been made in the same factory?

So in a nutshell these machines are cheap and cheerfull the parts are relatively easy to get hold of and are half the price of 'normal' machines, get the right advice from a mechanic (not the oil changer brigade!)  There was a back lash in the sixties with the 'japanese' bikes "they will never be as good as british bikes" look who is still in business? so time will tell!!!!!! enough said?   

Dave Bennett


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