chinese motorcycles imports

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 This guide is written to help and advise you if you are thinking of buying one of these bikes

I used to work in a motorcycle shop in barnstaple, north devon as a motor cycle mechanic until having to leave due to ill health. from time to time I would have ocasion to work on various chinese motorcycles and quads. I soon found on the whole they are made from inferior materials, which fail often, there where no particular models which were worse than any other model but all suffered from things like electrical problems through to frames cracking, wheel bearing failures with hardly any mileage done, carbs falling off and leaking, fuel hoses splitting , cdi unit, ht coil and genarater failure, rust and flaking paint after a couple of weeks old, and no-where near the power and smooth handling of the japanese bike it was supposed to be copied from, the list goes on and on. DO NOT be fooled by the discription "honda copy, suzuki copy etc this is not true (if it was surely they would be breaking copyright laws)  and apart from some similar looks and styling and having two wheels, thats where it all ends, save a bit more cash and buy one of the many leading brands, I now would not have one of these chinese things given me not  even for free, I also found that sellers say they have a vast amount of spares for the models they sell, I found this to be not entirely true with only very basic stuff available, but at the end of the day its up to you what you buy, you get what you pay for ........... If you dont pay much you dont get much (as me old granny used to say) my advise would be to buy a good second hand  Japanese bike, (it will be more reliable and hold its value for much longer) or save a bit longer and buy a new Jap bike there is no comparison. if you do buy one of the chinese bikes when your fed up with it you wont be able to even give it away

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